Meet Information

Labor Day XC Classic

Presented by Summerlin Rotary


Labor Day XC Classic

Presented by Summerlin Rotary


Meet Schedule:

8:00am Frosh/Soph Girls 8:30am Frosh/Soph Boys

9:00am Jr./Sr. Girls 9:30am Jr./Sr. Boys

10:15am Awards

Course Description: The 5k course consists of grass, track, and asphalt on the grounds of Sig Rogich, Palo Verde, and Leisure Center. Each race will start on the Sig Rogich PE field.

Awards: Medals to top 25 individuals in each race.

Fastest male and female of the day.

Team Champion and runner-up plaque in each race.

Entry Procedure and Fee:

All entries are due on by Aug. 31, 2022 at 6:00pm.

Entry fee is $6 per athlete entered on Late entries will be $10 per late entry.

Entry fees will be paid online on

**There will be a $50 cancellation fee for any team that enters the meet via and no shows.

Team Parking and Camps:

Teams can park in the Sig Rogich bus parking lot on the north side of Sig Rogich Middle School and enter through the gate to the PE field. Camps can be set up around the baseball fields on the Sig Rogich PE field.

Spectator Parking:

Spectators can park in the leisure center, Palo Verde, and Sig Rogich teacher parking lots. Sig Rogich teacher parking lot is on the south side of the school.


There will be concession snacks available for purchase. Watering stations will be available for spectators and student-athletes to fill their water bottle, which will cost $1 or $2 depending on size. Once one has paid they will have unlimited refills. *NO WATER BOTTLE WILL BE FOR SALE. Please bring your own water bottle to refill.

**Coaches** By entering an athlete in this competition, you are certifying that the athlete is conditioned and trained to run in the Southern Nevada heat. Entering your athletes means they are ready for the rigors of the distance and heat this race very often presents.